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How to Get What You Want in Life by Building Your Persuasion Power

Are you not getting what you want in life? Do you miss out on opportunities because you allow others to run you over? Whether you struggle with your boss or would like to communicate better with a parent or with your child, one of the keys to how to get what you want in life is to learn the power of persuasion. You can learn the power of persuasion and win your conversations while preserving your critical relationships. Here are some of the easiest ways for how to get things done by motivating others to think how you do.

Benefits of Being Persuasive

  • Learn how to win people over, from your boss to your spouse (and everyone in between).
  • Be a better leader—from the top candidate for the job, to becoming confident of dealing with conflict.
  • Strengthen your communication with your significant other, children and parents by being persuasive instead of just getting frustrated.
  • Be seen as having good soft skills, which sets you apart from the competition (in your love life and work life).
  • Gain personal credibility. Build the perfect argument based on logic rather than emotion. Propose questions to ask another and answer them yourself. Give facts to back up your statement, and offer three points for each big point, making them in a cohesive manner.
  • Get a better quality of life by getting more results from your efforts.
  • Be known as someone who knows how to get things done.

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Focus on Communicating for “Shared Success”

  • Go into the conversation with an open mind. Try to listen as though you will learn something before formulating your response.
  • No one likes to feel they have lost (in an effort for you to reach your goals) and this can be a major turnoff. They won’t take you seriously, and this will make you struggle more when making your point.
  • Talk from a perspective of understanding and respect. Respect the goals others are trying to achieve. Focus on a solution that you know will benefit all involved.
  • Connect with them by acting as though you’ve been in their position, which is why you have the perfect answer to the problem.
  • Sometimes how to get what you want in life involves giving up some of yourself and becoming part of something bigger.

Set Boundaries and Be Consistent

  • Be clear with your goals. Write down your key points before you go into the conversation. If you have specific points, you’ll make a more convincing case.
  • Focus on three valuable points and make them with confidence. Be directive in your statements. For example: “When can I call you and follow up to see which plan you’re choosing?” rather than saying, “Would it be OK if I called you so that if you like, you can sign up for a plan through me?”
  • End the discussion by recapping your agreement such as “Great! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to working on the plan we discussed.”

The Proof Is in the Pudding!

  • Persuasiveness is about you and others getting what you want and need. You can’t talk in fluff – like humor or empty promises – or else no one wins.
  • Focus on facts and data you can provide about your track record. Discuss your past successes and what you can offer that will improve the situation at hand.

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A Few Last Words

You can learn to be more persuasive and you can find success at home, work, and with friends. How to get what you want in life  and how to get things done is not always a clear path and quite often can look very different than you imagined. Always keep an open mind, consider others and be confident.

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