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How to Please Your Boss and Reduce Stress at Work

Stress at work is especially difficult because, quite often, you have little to no control over who you work with . . . or for. You cannot always control who your boss is but you do have complete control of yourself. As with any relationship in your life the joy you receive will closely resemble the effort you put in. Remember to be empathetic to their needs and be a consistent asset to the mission.

Establish Your Professional Credibility

  • As an individual contributor your boss will be infinitely appreciative of your reliability. Your stress at work will decrease as your dependability increases.
  • With trust comes more responsibility and the need for a higher level of communication.
  • Your boss is busier than you and their time is precious so keep your communication with them brief and to the point.

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Be Mindful of Your Appearance

  • If you want anyone to take you seriously you must present yourself as a serious person.
  • It’s good to express yourself through your appearance but don’t ever dress to draw attention to yourself. You may get noticed but it will be for all the wrong reasons.
  • Be professional but distinctive. Dress to impress, not to cause stress!


Be Mindful of Your Attitude

  • No matter the situation it is up to you to always appear in control and respectful.
  • Especially in potential conflict situations never escalate the emotions in the room. If you want to reduce your stress at work stay calm it will help cooler heads to prevail.
  • Be cheerful and supportive at all times. Remember your boss is a person and, quite likely, under a lot of pressure. In life we generally give back what we receive. See Be Seen As More Positive with These 7 Tips for an Optimistic Outlook on Life!
  • Always maintain eye contact to let your boss know what they are communicating is of value to you. Always be respectful.
  • Do not bring your personal issues to work. A great way to reduce stress is to simply get a good night’s sleep.

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Confirm Your Role and Direction

  • Always confirm any direction you are given.
  • Repeat back how you interpreted your boss’s message to them so you both are on the same page. They will be grateful that you care enough about your job to want clarification.
  • Feel free to guide the conversation in a positive, resolution-driven direction. Quite often your boss doesn’t really know what they want but they need to appear to be in control. Help them find solutions that are effective and achievable.

Always Remain Calm and Under Control

  • When you remain calm, those around you will tend to follow suit, including your boss. Your boss is under a lot more stress than you realize. A stable environment will lead to better exchanges.
  • Remember to never take it personally. Your boss may be upset with you, the employee, but not you the individual. Separate the two and you will be in a better position to clearly here what your boss is saying.
  • Be mindful of your boss’s mood. Try to match and elevate. If you remain upbeat and positive they will be more open to listen to you and more quickly reach a resolution.

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A few final words of caution. If you hate your boss . . . get a different job. Complaining about your boss will in no way be of value to you or anyone else. Be aware that you will never be able to please a bad boss. Seek out your co-workers and ask them how they reduce stress at work.

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