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How to Keep Your Supervisor Happy and How to Deal with Stress at Work

In today’s busy world how to deal with stress at work is a question that always comes up. You cannot always control who your supervisor is but you do have complete control of yourself. As with any relationship in your life the joy you receive will closely resemble the effort you put in. Remember to be empathetic to their needs and be a consistent asset to the mission.

Take Responsibility for Your Actions

  • Vulnerability is a sign of strength, especially when framed around a resolution. Everyone makes mistakes . . . own up to yours openly and honestly.
  • An important part of taking responsibility is to marry it with something of equal or greater value. Admit to your mistake while also showing how important the lesson learned has been.
  • Not only have you built credibility with your supervisor but you also learned a valuable lesson on what to avoid in future.
  • Leaders take chances and thus will make mistakes . . . just never the same mistake twice.

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Show Yourself as an Asset to Your Supervisor

  • You are always a reflection of your supervisor. Good supervisors recognize a failure in their department is their failure since they are ultimately responsible for their department’s results.
  • Ask your supervisor how you can contribute to the department’s success.
  • Never talk negatively about any co-worker. Talk instead about the contribution of others. Feel free to show how you were an integral part of that contribution but focus on the team effort.
  • Acknowledge that your supervisor also probably struggles with how to handle stress as much as you.

Be  a Proactive Contributor

  • Anticipate your supervisor’s needs. No supervisor has all the answers so any suggestions you have could enhance their position. Don’t get consumed with getting credit, that will come with consistent actions on your part.
  • When presenting new ideas be sure to relate how your supervisor contributed to its development. This encourages them to continue mentoring you while also helping them to frame the suggestion to their boss. Always help your supervisor sell your idea up the chain.
  • Be well-prepared and confident in your presentation. Keep it brief and to the point showing a positive risk-to-reward equation your supervisor can easily understand.
  • One of the best ways for how to deal with stress at work is by getting in front of an issue before it becomes a problem.

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Always Follow-up

  • No matter the issue always keep your supervisor in the loop. They will appreciate the communication and will spend less time chasing you down because they trust you will keep them informed.
  • In your communication always point out how your supervisor contributed to your success. This needs to be genuine on your part so make sure it is real. Occasionally this might require a bit of creativity on your part but it is worth it.
  • Never leave a meeting without clear direction on what is expected from you, and your supervisor. Establish agreed upon items such as goals, timelines and deliverables. When you follow-up keep your communication consistent by aligning your accomplishments with each of the agreed upon items. Draw a picture that your supervisor can see positive resolution, as well as your contribution, clearly.

As a final note, consider asking co-workers if they have any good ideas on how to deal with stress at work and how to handle stress in general. You never know where great advice will come from.

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