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How to be More Grateful and Stay in a Good Mood

How do you feel when you see others in a good mood? Does it make you envious or leave you feeling even more grateful about your life? Changing your attitude is required if you want to find more happiness. It is easy to focus on how others are contributing to your problems, but what matters is how you see yourself and how you respond to life’s challenges. Feel better about yourself, and start being the one in the good mood and feeling grateful, by following these tips to create a blessed life.

Sing Your Favorite Song

  • When you are stressed, worried or overcome by someone’s negative reaction to something you’ve said or done, think of a song that makes you happy and play it immediately in your head!
  • What is your favorite song? What song from your childhood makes your smile?
  • This has the potential to shift your mood from grumpy to glad immediately!

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Remind Yourself What You’re Grateful For

  • Make a list of at least ten things you are most grateful for, first thing in the morning, and then at right before going to bed.
  • Focus on giving thanks for everything—big and small—you have in your life that you love and want more of! The more grateful you are, the more love you have for yourself . . . and others.

Walk Outdoors

  • Almost all studies show that getting even minimal exercise outdoors is the best way to boost your mood!
  • Immerse yourself in nature—go somewhere like a park or a nature preserve that will give you plenty of fresh air and scenery.

Breathe Deeply

  • Breathing can improve your circulation, decrease stress, increase brain function, and boost your mood exponentially.
  • Use abdominal breathing to improve your outlook by closing your eyes, inhaling for a count to three, and exhaling. A proper deep abdominal breath consists of breathing in through your nose causing your belly to rise and exhaling rather than taking shallow breaths that only move your chest and shoulders.

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  • Did you know that you use fewer muscles when you smile than when you frown, so smile more?
  • Smiling can lift your mood instantly, and the very act of it can put those around you in a good mood, too.

Make Someone Laugh

  • Keep everything in perspective. What can you find that is funny about the current situation? You almost can’t laugh too much!
  • Laugh as if this moment is the only one that counts!
  • Laughter brings an almost immediate release —it has the ability to cure almost anything, from depression to disease. It will improve your mood and make you more grateful.


  • Take time to get outside of yourself and your own thoughts by helping someone in need!
  • Opportunities to give back include being a big brother or big sister, offer to help at the local library, serve at a soup kitchen—whatever it is that sparks interest and passion in you is a great choice, and helps others immensely.

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A Few Last Words …

It sometimes feels like the world is getting more negative than ever (not true!), and as busy as your life may be, all life really takes is for you to be more grateful for all that you have and your good mood will reward you and all you come in contact with each day. That is how we can change the world . . . one person at a time.

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