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5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Calm Down Anxiety

Imagine a world where you have learned how to cope with anxiety. You are reading this article because you genuinely want to change your life. You want something more . . . something better. It all starts (and ends) with you. This is great news as it means, ultimately, you have complete control over your future and your ability to calm down anxiety. It all starts with gratitude and a focus on all that is good in your life. What you focus on will become you. Start with this list then move to 5 Things Happy People Do Every Day to Deal with Stress and Anxiety.

Identify Your “Happy Place” and Hang Out a While

  • We all have a “place” that brings us joy. It could be meditating on the back porch early morning or listening to your favorite music in the basement.
  • Find that “place” for you and spend some time there every day. Take the time to reflect and unwind in a safe space with no judgement. It will do wonders and help to calm down anxiety.
  • The pace of our lives can be overwhelming sometimes. We all need to consciously escape for some time and re-energize.

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The Only Thing You Can Control is Yourself

  • Don’t spend time worrying about others. You cannot control what they do and shouldn’t. It’s none of your business.
  • Happiness comes first from within you. If you depend too much on external factors to bring you joy you will be on someone else’s emotional roller-coaster.
  • Focus instead on your own actions. Keep your thoughts positive and full of love and kindness for yourself and for others.
  • A great deal of stress and anxiety comes from things outside of our control . . . so stop worrying about them. This approach will better position you to cope with anxiety.

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Look at the World Through the Eyes of a Child Every Once in a While

  • You have adult responsibilities but occasionally taking a moment and returning to an innocent state can be cathartic and really help calm down anxiety.
  • Sing and dance at the top of your lungs or play in a mud puddle.
  • It will act as an emotional release that will pay immediate benefits.

Spend Some Time with Someone Less Fortunate Than You

  • Our ability to help others less fortunate than ourselves is one of our nobler traits.
  • When we give freely to others we not only elevate their day but our own as well.
  • Inspire others to feel the same joy you have found in life as someone undoubtedly did for you at some time.

Appreciate Your Roots

  • Seek out an older relative or acquaintance and ask them to share some of their life experiences with you.
  • They will appreciate the attention and you may gain some perspective.
  • You’ll also benefit from learning something new and perhaps, obtain a finer appreciation for your own life.

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Finally, be consistent. Your ability to cope with anxiety and stress is in your hands. Every positive action has benefit but continuous positive behavior becomes who you are. Don’t be afraid to explore new things, especially ideas gained through the experiences and advice of others. Do it slowly at first but have faith that your happiness ultimately depends on you. So go be Happy!

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