Affirmations and How to Change Your Life and Find Inner Peace

So much has been written and discussed around the concepts of, to name a few, how to change my life, how to find inner peace or how to find peace of mind. These are all very deep issues that could mean different things to each given individual. For some the answers come from adopting a positive attitude or saying daily affirmations, for others it might require professional therapy. This article is not intended to provide answers so much as to present considerations on the journey of self-improvement.

Know Thyself

Before you start asking how do I change my life there are a few things to consider. All successful change must start from a place of honesty. True self-awareness can be scary and frightening at first but all else is for naught if you first don’t know yourself. To find peace of mind one must first know one’s own mind.

Start paying attention to how you react to things around you. You will begin to notice some similar patterns of behavior. Take note of the things that consistently frustrate you, puzzle you or bring you joy and examine the common threads in each. Are you reacting to the behavior of others or is it more of an internal reaction? Develop a plan to mitigate the negative and accentuate the positive. Over time it will all become more positive. We are what we repeatedly do so start changing what you do.

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Clearly Define What About Yourself You Want to Change

How to find inner peace depends on how you define “inner peace”. As you get to know yourself you will notice the things that trigger you and what truly affects you at a deep level. Dig deep within yourself and identify what is at the core of the triggers. Chances are what is bothering you is not the moment itself but a memory it sparks.

In these moments acknowledge your reaction, have a moment of empathy for the memory, then replace the emotion with a positive affirmation. And be patient . . . most attempts to change ourselves are sabotaged because we want immediate results. Stay positive, patient and aligned and you will begin to feel improvement.

Confirm Your Goals are in Alignment with You

If you truly want to change your life you must have a plan. How can you find inner peace if you’re just winging it day-to-day. The key is to set achievable goals that are in alignment with your values. You can find peace of mind when you are achieving goals that specifically address the areas that are important to you.

For instance, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds this month you need a plan for changing your diet, engaging in regular exercise, saying positive motivational affirmations and holding yourself accountable for accomplishing each. Setting goals is a process well worth taking your time creating. It will lay the groundwork for all you are about to accomplish.

Make Your Goals Achievable and Measurable

While you may have a goal of getting a better job it is not going to happen unless you take action. Create a plan that includes rewriting your resume, emailing it to 50 companies and then a follow up phone call to each. Give yourself a reasonable timetable for accomplishing each task. Keep a spreadsheet of each task, and target company, and record when each task is complete. Be flexible with your goals and timetable but stay on task.

This is an area where knowing yourself really pays dividends. By paying close attention to the process you may find new patterns of behavior you hadn’t noticed previously. All knowledge is good so long as you are honest with yourself about it and use the knowledge for the good.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Affirmations absolutely work. You will discover there are different affirmations for various parts of your life like, for instance, love, work, anger, etc. Like all new habits, it takes time, awareness and patience. As you try new affirmations note how they make you feel. You will find the affirmations that work for you over time. As you discover the right ones for you your mind will slowly absorb this new messaging and make it its own.

Affirmations work only when they are in alignment when your actions. The goal is to change the way your mind perceives things but it will only be successful if your actions are moving toward the content of the affirmation statements. If your goal is to stop procrastinating but you have no actual plan, along with positive action, for achieving it then all of the affirmations in the world will not help. In order to change your life you need to take action!

How Do I Find Inner Peace and Find Peace of Mind?

It all starts with self-awareness and an honest look at yourself. Start to pay attention to, and trust, your intuition. It is your guide to becoming your true self, not what your life experiences have made you. Your true self is amazing so give it a chance to emerge! Peace of mind and inner peace must be aligned with who you wish to be. When your intentions, thoughts and actions are acting in unison consistently you will feel more at ease with yourself.

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Finally . . .

You must embrace the concept of controlling only that which you have control of . . . basically . . . you. You cannot truly control anything other than your actions so don’t waste your energy there.  One of the wonderful side effects of finding inner peace is that the more you are fulfilled, the more energy you have to address the needs of others around you. And, because you are more at ease and filled with joy, these same positive emotions can flow around you. So start your journey to inner peace now . . .

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