Welcome to The Life Balance Tree Blog

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

This is our first official blog post, for what that’s worth. We are excited to create the website for others that are on the constant lookout to improve their lives. We do have future expansion planned into other areas of interest that are still tied to the “self-help” genre, so stay tuned.

There are so many facets of our lives and life has never been more complicated. There are times when we make it more complex than it needs to be by not being proactive in many of our “controllable” areas. That is a theme you will see that runs throughout so much of our content. The more you get ahead of issues (so they don’t become problems), hone your self-awareness (honestly), have a realistic and achievable plan and hold yourself accountable . . . the easier your life will be. As you fulfill your own needs you’ll find there is more energy, time and availability to help others. Basically, a wonderful cycle . . . and it all starts with you!

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