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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a fantastic way to start your day or as a pick-me-up any time of day. We compiled a list of healthy Smoothie recipes that include many mood lifting ingredients such as apples, bananas and sweet potatoes. Click on the image thumbnail, or recipe title, to learn more.

Please note that when you click through to each of the healthy smoothie recipes the mood lifting ingredients are in bold.

Avocado Chocolate Smoothie

A delicious concoction of avocado, banana and chocolate. Perfect way to start the day. Best served ice cold.

Recipe serves 2

Coconut Kiwi Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with energy and nutrients.
Full of protective antioxidants, rich in fiber and potassium.

Recipe serves 2

Blackberry-Banana Smoothie

Antioxidants from blackberries, fibers from bananas, and calcium from almond milk disguised in a creamy and sweet drink. If you only try one of these healthy smoothie recipes, make it this one (a personal favorite)!

Recipe serves 2

Apple Spinach Green Smoothie

The sweetness of apples and the thick consistency of bananas produces a healthy thick smoothie. A great addition to our healthy smoothie recipes!

Recipe serves 2

Sweet Potato Smoothie

Sip on a delicious vegan smoothie loaded with warming spices and hints of maple this smoothie tastes just like sweet potato pie!

Recipe serves 2

Surprise a loved one today by whipping up one of these Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

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