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Healthy Side Dish Recipes

No meal is complete without the right complimentary side dish. It’s even better when they are healthy and delicious! Click below for some fantastic healthy side dish recipes that include rice, soup, potatoes and more.

Please note that when you click through to each of the healthy side dish recipes the mood lifting ingredients are in bold.

Apples and Brown Rice

This apple and brown rice is a treat and is gluten-free and vegetarian as well.  It’s also quick quick and simple to prepare and you can easily add your own ingredients.

Recipe serves 6-8

Spinach Rice

Spinach rice is such a simple dish yet delicious and easy to make.

Recipe serves 2

Sweet Potato Fries

A wonderful healthy alternative to potato fries. Season to taste just for you. This is one of our favorite healthy side dish recipes!

Recipe serves 4

Spinach Potato Bake with Bacon

A great way to sneak spinach into your diet (if you aren’t a fan). If you love spinach this recipe shows off its versatility. You might be surprised at this addition to our healthy side dish recipes. It’s delicious!

Recipe serves 8

Kuromame Gohan Black Soy Bean Rice

Full of nutritional benefits, these black beans have a delicious salty/umami flavour that pairs well with freshly steamed white rice. A delicious Japanese health food.

Recipe serves 4

Fruit Soup

A great starter to any meal with a combination of fruit flavors.

Recipe serves 4

Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls

This great treat could double as a dessert or snack as well . They pack enough energy to fortify you for a vigorous hike or long day at work.

Recipe produces 10 balls

Surprise a loved one today by whipping up one of these Healthy Side Dish Recipes!

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