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Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor has a unique design that saves time and effort on your part. Its wide feed chute makes it possible to slice vegetables of all shapes and sizes (no need for you to hand cut prep anymore), while numerous disc and blade options makes it easy to get perfect results, any way you slice it.

Key features of the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor include:

  • 16-cup processing bowl for dry ingredients and 12 cups for liquid
  • Super wide feed chute so large ingredients don’t have to be chopped before being fed into the food processor
  • Small food pusher for improved processing control of smaller ingredient
  • Large food pusher for pushing food down the feed chute
  • Silicone seal reduces the chance of leakage while processing large volumes of liquid ingredients
  • LCD display with count-up & count-down Timer
  • Non-skid rubber feet for better control

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