Category: Relieving Stress

Relieving stress is another area of self-improvement that can have a profound impact. Understanding, dealing with and controlling stress in healthy ways can help free you up to better focus on achieving abundance and balance in your life.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil – 10 ml 100% Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade Contains Antiseptic, Diuretic, Astringent and Sedative Helps improve your skin, metabolism, digestive system and tighten muscles Serves as a natural Emmenagogue, […]

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils Essential Oils – 10ml 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil from Healing Solutions Relieves depression Decreases inflammation by increasing circulation Fights viruses and free radicals Stimulates the immune […]

The Life Balance Tree