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7 Tips to Help You Be a More Positive Person!

We know that our attitude, and subsequent outlook on life, ultimately affects how happy we feel about our lives. Great news! There are tried and true methods to achieve a better life. An internal positive attitude can lead to external positive actions and attractions. The key is learning to change from an internal focus to an outward looking or external orientation, which helps put our challenges into perspective. An internal positive attitude can lead to external positive actions and attractions.

Open the Door for Someone

  • Go out of the way to help others in a public place. Most people don’t expect anything from a stranger and a helping hand will almost always lead to a smile
  • Random acts of kindness will also instantly change your mood and improve your outlook on life!
  • Give someone your seat on the bus, and feel good inside (just watch his or her face light up)!

Go to See Children Play

  • If you watch children, they are the essence of joy, happiness, and bliss, staying in the now and doing what they enjoy moment to moment!
  • You can find opportunities to work with kids at a library or local elementary school. You can read them a story, ask them questions, and enjoy being in their presence, as they can remind you what a true positive attitude is about!

Remind Yourself To Live in the Moment

  • Time is an key element of life. It is easy to live in the past (dwelling on what you did or didn’t like), to live in the future (what you hope does or doesn’t happen). Unfortunately, you can’t do anything right now about either the past or the future. Instead, try to live in the present. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy what is great about the point in life where you are today!
  • Your thoughts are vital to your well-being and happiness. Focus on the thought you have right now, and then everything will fall into place.
  • Learn from the past, prepare for the future but live in the present . . .

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Try Taking Up a New Hobby

  • Branch out and try something new. You’ll develop new neural pathways by trying something new. As you conquer new feats, you will feel greater satisfaction, a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a new outlook on life!
  • You can try painting, teaching children how to play soccer, cooking delicious stir-fry dishes, writing poetry, etc.
  • Start reading . . . there are numerous books that focus on anger issues alone.
  • Enjoy discovering a part of yourself you never previously knew about!

Offer Food or Clothing to the Homeless

  • We instantly improve our outlook on life when we help others!
  • You can offer a simple random act of kindness like opening a door or saying hello to a stranger.
  • Try to see the big picture. Take time to sit in a public park and watch others. You’ll find opportunities to help all around. Nothing does that as quickly as helping others in need.
  • Find a homeless shelter, or go to the local homeless park and pass out homemade lunches filled with sandwiches, apples, water, and a sweet treat.

Run Your Heart Out

  • Get the natural high of exercise also known as the runner’s high—an instant mood booster!
  • Run for 45 minutes three times a week, and go from brisk walk to sprint to jog, rotating each various speed for about 90 seconds each.
  • You can get a similar high from bike riding, hiking, or working on a project outdoors.

Keep a Journal

  • You can be happy as you see your personal progress that you keep in a journal.
  • This gives you some time to reflect—a great way to wind down, clarify challenges that lie ahead, or express yourself in a healthy way. As you progress you will find a positive attitude starts to join you along the way.
  • Write on anything you have on hand or buy a new journal; add in visuals (old photos, pictures from magazines, etc.) to enhance it. Focus on feelings, situations and goals.

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A Few Last Words …

As often as negativity surrounds us, and as busy as your life may be, all it really takes to have a positive attitude and  outlook on life is a smile, some random acts of love, and re-centering yourself to appreciate the moment you’re in. Become happier instantly by applying any of these tips to your life, and you’ll see the world for what it truly is—beautiful, splendid and good!

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