Controlling Anger

5 Simple Anger Management Techniques

We all encounter situations every day that frustrate us. Unfortunately some of those lead to anger, or even rage. Anger is not in and of itself a bad thing but it can make others uncomfortable and, if it persists or escalates, will not serve you well at all. It would be helpful to have a few anger management techniques at our fingertips to better deal in these situations.


  • The worst time to think about anger is when it is happening.
  • The best time to think about anger is when you are unobstructed and calm.
  • Consider the outcomes you have encountered when you have been angry or enraged. Did your reaction bring about the results you were hoping for? How did you feel afterward . . . embarrassed or even more rage?

Be Proactive with Your Anger Management Technique

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Anticipate Your Anger Moments

  • If you know what situations, behaviors, moments make you angry can you avoid them?
  • Sometimes it is the people we surround ourselves with that create a toxic rage environment for us. They seem capable of always setting off our “triggers”. If you can remove them from your life, please do so.
  • Remember, life is not what happens to us, but rather how we react to it.

Accept what You Cannot Control

  • Quite often we get angry because we cannot control a situation . . . so stop trying.
  • The powerful step in the 5 stage of grief is acceptance. The quicker you can get there the happier you will be.

If the Anger Moment is Unavoidable . . .

  • Sometimes you get angry for no reason or without seeing it coming. What anger management techniques exists for that?
  • If you have done much of what was introduced above your level of anger should be far more manageable.
  • Whatever you do, do not escalate your emotions in the situation. If you remain calm it is for more likely that everyone will as well.
  • If you feel your anger escalating into rage then step away. If you are able, then engage in some deep breathing routines.

Try these simple anger management techniques as a starter. Remember that you do have control over your actions. Ultimately that is what will separate you form others without good self-control. Don’t be reactive, be proactive and get in front of your anger and rage before it controls you.

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