Want to be Wealthy? Five Economic Prosperity Killers to Avoid

Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, becoming wealthy doesn’t occur without some work; the most wealthy people in the world found this out through trial and error. As it turns out, self-made millionaires (and billionaires) share some commonalities, and learning to think and act like these behemoths is vital to joining the ranks of the elite. If you’re still waiting to be wealthy, then you may need to look to what you’re not doing as opposed to what you are doing. Though there are numerous other reasons why you are not yet wealthy let’s first delve into a few of the things that may be holding you back from living the good life.

You are Risk Averse (afraid of taking chances)

  1. Wealthy people are not afraid of taking risks. Henry Ford had more failed businesses than successes. But he kept at it until he succeeded.
  2. Most of us would rather stand still in the dull light of safety than risk moving forward into the darkness of the unknown. Economic prosperity comes to the bold.
  3. One way to overcome this is take some small risks in your daily life. In other words, ease into change. You will find out it’s not as scary as you think. When you’re ready, venture into a low risk venture like passive income using online marketing.
  4. Experience is the best antidote to fear. The more you take risks the smarter you will become in your approach thus allowing you to take more rewarding risks.

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You are Trying to do it All on Your Own

  1. If you want to succeed at anything then just find someone who has succeeded and ask if they could mentor you. You might be surprised at how receptive they are. If not, find someone else.
  2. You’ve heard the expression . . . two minds are better than one. Very true, but even better if your mentor has already overcome many of the hard lessons preventing you from economic prosperity. Learn from their errors.
  3. Take the long view and be willing to work for free or off hours. Anything to accelerate your learning curve.

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Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

  1. Most wealthy people are very positive. You see a roadblock, they see a challenge.
  2. The one constant in the universe is change. The path to economic prosperity can be rocky and filled with potholes. Learn from them, put them in the past and move on.
  3. Life is not what happens to you . . . Life is how you respond to what happens to you.

You Must Have Perseverance

  1. A great deal of success starts with a never-give-up attitude. There are very few examples of overnight success. Typically years of hard work behind the scenes was necessary to be primed for success when the opportunity was right.
  2. You must learn to take rejection as a lesson learned, not a failure incurred. Wealthy people tend to have thick skins when it comes to risk and money.
  3. Ambition is a quality if channeled in a constructive direction. You must want to become wealthy with every fiber in your being.

Be a Leader, Not a Follower

  1. Being a leader takes courage, a thick skin and the ability to be flexible.
  2. It also takes experience and a steadfast belief in your own ability to handle whatever is around the corner.
  3. Don’t be afraid to do things different if you feel strongly about it. No one ever got truly wealthy just copying what someone else has done. At some point you need to think outside of the box to differentiate yourself.
  4. One great way to approach this is to be organized in your daily routines. The less time you spend on monotonous tasks the more time you have to focus on more intensive responsibilities.

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Don’t get discouraged if things don’t always fall into place. Your attitude dictates your ability to obtain economic prosperity and adapt and grow. Success quite often is the direct result of the lessons learned from all of your previous failures. With the right frame of mind you will learn more when you fail than when you succeed. Hang in there and keep your chin up . . . you will be wealthy!

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