Self-Awareness and Finding Your True Self

So much of our happiness in life is rooted in how well we know ourselves . . . our self-awareness. This means an honest assessment of our true self. This is not necessarily who we have become through the rigors of our life. Our true self is our core being outside of how our life experiences have shaped our essential being. Your true self lies waiting for you to rediscover.

What Does it Mean to be Your True Self?

  • Each of us has a core essence, who we truly are minus a lifetime of intentional and unintentional, conditioning from our parents, the media, entertainment, social pressures, etc.
  • We each have masks we must wear on occasion to conform to the environment or situation. Be it biting your tongue at work when a co-worker is being provocative or agreeing to go to a dreadful event with your spouse because you know it will please them.
  • Your core self truly reveals itself in an untethered way. You feel the difference between when something just feels right versus an obligation.
  • The key is recognizing the difference between these behaviors by understanding the motivation behind each. Quite often your true self is revealed by the actions that bring unbridled joy to you personally.

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All Joy Starts with Self-Awareness

  • The journey to self-awareness can be painful at times but being honest with yourself about who you truly are is the only way to see your life clearly.
  • How do you know the difference? Your true self will always be full of love, light and a sense of peace. Things about you that are not you will always feel heavy.
  • Always ask yourself . . . does this feel light or heavy. Trust your inner voice to guide you. This takes practice but, over time, you will come to listen and understand the difference.

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Discover Your Passions

  • We all have passion about certain aspects of our lives. We all had favorite subjects in school or enjoy certain activities over others.
  • Start paying attention to these feelings to reveal where your passions might lie. If you are blessed enough to have talent in an area of passion for you a career in this field could be possible.
  • Once you have discovered your passions make them a part of your daily routine. The more activities you have every day that bring you joy, the happier you’ll become.
  • Recognize that a current passion you have right now is the desire to change (or you wouldn’t be reading this). Use this passion as your fuel of change!

Moving Forward is Always Better than Standing Still

  • It is always easier to stay safe and change nothing. It is also a recipe for increased sadness and frustration.
  • The way to combat that is through action. Even a wrong decision that you act on is better than doing nothing. This is because once you have done something you no longer live in fear of it. Moreover, you can eliminate it as a future option and move on to another action.
  • Of course, any action must be measured against reason. That’s where you ask yourself, prior to taking the action, does this feel light or heavy? Then pay attention to how well you are hearing your instincts. Continue doing it and your self-awareness will incrementally improve along the way.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings and Actions

  • Your true self holds the answers to your happiness. But you must pay attention to what your soul is telling you. It will help guide you towards things that bring you joy while also revealing areas or people to avoid.
  • Take time out of day to “check in” with yourself. What feels light and what feels heavy?
  • Try to fill your day with more things that are light and feel right for you.

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Self-awareness lies at the center of all meaningful change. Change requires a true desire, and a willingness, to be uncomfortable. The reason we repeat harmful patterns in our lives is because, however self-destructive they can be, they are comfortable. We cannot always avoid many of the heavy things in our life but you will discover, as you have fill more of your life with light and joyful things for you, the heavy things stop weighing so much and even start going away.

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