Using Personal Motivation to Uncover Your Life Purpose

You have a life purpose. This purpose is to embrace abundance and embed it into your every day. It will involve some personal motivation on your part but it is well worth the effort. The pursuit of abundance will not only start you on a path of wondrous joy and personal fulfillment but the journey will also be fun, exciting and full of happiness. See below for some motivation tips to get you on a path to abundance and fulfilling your life purpose.

Identify What Drives You to Want Change

  • Change can be very difficult to sustain so you must identify your personal motivation.
  • What is it that drives you to want more . . . your family, your children, personal pride, your muse . . .
  • Whatever it is, remind yourself of it every time you find yourself slipping.
  • The best motivation tips are only as good as your ability to stick with it and persevere.

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What is Your Life Purpose?

  • Understand that you are an infinite, spiritual being currently occupying your physical body in this lifetime.
  • Your journey is uniquely yours. No one else is on the same path as you but each person in your life serves a purpose . . . they are there to help you grow and become your true self.
  • This is why you should never judge others for they are on their own unique path to self discovery. It is up to them whether or not they choose to grow and learn . . . not you.
  • Discovering your life purpose is as easy as being honest with yourself about your true self.

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How Do You Learn to Trust Your Instincts?

  • Instincts, or feelings, are your internal guides attempting to keep you on your right path towards your life purpose. Learn to listen to those feelings and use them as a personal motivation.
  • When they occur . . . ask yourself . . . does this feel heavy or light. Heavy is negative and to be avoided whereas light is positive and worth pursuing.
  • Be aware of your own patterns. If you have patterns that continuously lead to poor results then stop! Change the pattern and pay attention to new outcomes.

How Do You Know if You are Going in the Right Direction?

  • Like any other life skill, fulfilling your life purpose takes practice, patience and faith.
  • Create opportunities every day for solitude and self-reflection.
  • Determine areas of your life that don’t feel satisfying. This could be a relationship, your job, your diet or your exercise regimen (or lake thereof). Ask what you could change then use your personal motivation to get back on track.
  • Create a vision board of what you want your life to look like and a plan for getting there. Look at it every day. It is your life purpose guide.

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Be Mindful of the Little Things

  • Often life becomes overwhelming because we ignore the little things and they “pile-up” on us.
  • Write down a list of need-to-haves and nice-to-haves. Do the same for things you can control and things you cannot control. Compare the overlap and focus on addressing your need-to-haves that you can control.
  • Most importantly . . . Take Action! The universe will help those that help themselves.

A Final Thought

All of the motivation tips in the world will not amount to anything unless you find the personal motivation to make it happen. So slow down your life. Prioritize what is important for you and stay positive and you will begin being open to receiving abundance. . Pay attention to yourself and recognize those things that bring you joy. The more fulfilled you are, the more room you have to bring joy to others.

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