5 Compelling Reasons You are Not One of the Wealth Generators

Wealth, or just being rich, does not happen arbitrarily. There are common threads among virtually all wealth generators like researching money tips, personal goal setting and having a plan. Though there are numerous other reasons why you are not yet wealthy here are areas you need to explore toward becoming your own wealth generator.

You are Negative

  1. Wealth generators see possibilities, not impediments on the path to success.
  2. When you are negative you will always come up with reasons why something won’t work. You may hear about a great money tip but convince yourself it could never work for you.
  3. Being positive will not guarantee success 100% of the time but being negative will ensure failure.

You Compare Yourself to Others

  1. Instead of focusing on your own amazing potential you instead compare yourself to others. But since you don’t truly know another’s life journey, capabilities and inner drive the comparison cannot never be of true value.
  2. Instead your focus should be entirely on yourself and your capabilities. Focus on what you love and are also good at. Not every day will be perfect but remember . . . progress, not perfection.
  3. The only person you should be competing against is who you were yesterday.

personal goal setting

You Don’t Have Patience or a Plan

  1. When you have a plan you have a purpose. When you have a purpose you have a goal. Start with creating some long range, and short range, personal goal setting.
  2. Nobody got wealthy, or stayed wealthy, without plan and a vision. Your plan can be flexible and be changed but it allows you to focus on specific accomplishments.
  3. Key to these plans are specific goals that, when achieved, keep you on a consistent path aligned with your plan.
  4. Plans take discipline and patience. The great news is the plan, if reasonably thought out, allows you to be patient so long as you are staying on its intended path.

You See Yourself as Unlucky

  1. You are what you want to be. If you see yourself as a loser you will fail.
  2. We are everything we think . . . if you think you will never succeed, you will inevitably be correct. The opposite holds true as well.
  3. Luck is nothing more than being ready when your opportunity arrives. If you have a plan, a positive attitude and patience you’ll stop measuring your life events in terms of luck but rather good timing.

Someone Told You Money was Evil

  1. Wealth generators are people see money simply as a tool, an inanimate object that serves a given purpose. They don’t attached themselves to it emotionally so they don’t shrink from the challenge of pursuing it nor fear the thought of losing it. Hence, it does not control them.
  2. Money may not be able to buy you know but it does give you the freedom to make whatever choices are right for you. Money is freedom for you to be you.
  3. Think of money simply as a means to an end. If money went away tomorrow it would be replaced by some other means of exchange.

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t always fall into place. Your attitude dictates your ability to adapt and grow. Success quite often is the direct result of the lessons learned from all of your previous failures. A quick way to gain clarity is to read what has worked for others in books. With the right frame of mind you will learn more when you fail than when you succeed. Hang in there and keep your chin up . . . you will be wealthy!

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