About us

Welcome to The Life Balance Tree. We have created this resource in the hopes that our visitors will continue returning to find new, fresh informative and interesting content in their quest for self-awareness and self-improvement. This website is a passion play for us.

A little bit about who we are . . .

The Life Balance Tree is a collaboration between Jonathan Feldman and Stuart Glover. A good deal of our lives has been a quest toward improving ourselves, being better husbands, better fathers and better people. We met professionally almost a decade ago and had always talked about taking some of our conversations and committing them to paper. About a year ago the conversation shifted to doing something online. A few months ago the “stars aligned” and what you see here is the result. This is an ongoing opus and will be even better if we can hear from you about your journey and lessons you’ve learned along the way.

We welcome any and all feedback on our success in this endeavor. Please feel free to let us know how we are doing and what other resources we could provide in future.

P.S. Stuart also has a website, The GloveTrotters, that follows the travel journeys of his family as well as numerous free resources like how to build your own blog, travel tips and travel guides.